IMG Magazine

IMG aims to bring together art lovers and artists of all types. It's an opportunity for new talents to emerge and for established artists to show what got them where they are. We're not here to judge what is and is not art, and so as you look through the pages of IMG you'll see many diverse talents and experimental work that may not always be well received in a larger audience. The magazine is 100% submission driven and freely available for download through this site, our goal is to build a community, not a profit.

IMG was created while Brandon was in college and is currently offline awaiting a rebirth. You can still access the old issues right here, however you're unlikely to see any new issues anytime soon. Feel free to weigh in with your thoughts. Do you want to see IMG resurrected as it was - or have an idea how it could be better? Let me know at brandon AT imgmagazine DOT net


All issues of IMG are available for download in PDF format right here. To download an issue, right click on the link and choose "Save Link As", "Save Target As", or however your browser words this option. Remember that you are free to download and copy the entire magazine freely, but may not modify it in any way and that copyright still belongs to the creator of the individual works featured therein. Read the Creative Commons license in the magazine for more details.

About Me

Brandon McGregor, the man behind Pedachenko Media, is a graphic designer, web developer, and photographer calling Muskoka, Ontario home. Why not learn more or connect with the man with the strange identity.