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Instagram and the Lesson for your Business

Tuesday, December 18th, 2012

If you haven’t been following the news recently, Instagram, the online photo sharing service recently purchased by Facebook, just proved why I caution clients about using third party services to run their business.

In short, after amasing a user base of over 80 million photographers, Instagram changed their terms of service overnight to allow them to sell their users photos without compensation or notice. Unless users delete their account before the January deadline, Instagram assumes the rights to countless photos that it intends to offer for sales. From the user standpoint, how would you like to find that without your notice a corporation has sold a photo of your children to advertise a resort for their own profit? Or that a photo of your last camping trip is now advertising a political candidate you don’t support?

Whenever a client of mine considers using a third party service to run their business I always advise caution. What happens when the service provider suddenly changes the terms or discontinues a service that is essential to running your business? With a wealth of business service software ready to be installed on your own server and under your own control, or have software custom developed. Before making a move that could harm your business in the long run, take the time to investigate your options. This is why it’s important to work with a web developer who you trust and can walk you through these decisions.

What’s your take? Ever been disappointed by a service provider making a sudden and serious change to their service?