2016 Adventures Review

Thursday, December 29th, 2016 at 9:33 pm

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Getting back to the end of the year again I thought it was time to look back at some of the adventures and share some of my favourite images. It’s become a tradition after 2014 and 2015

Chippewa Falls

Chippewa Falls is just barely off Highway 17 and happens to be the mid-point of the Trans-Canada highway. A little bit of exploration and a little climb over the rocks gets you this view of the small section of the falls.

Magpie Falls

Known for it’s waterfalls, I finally made my way up to Wawa this summer and of course got some photos having a boxing match with the goose. When you tire of that though, a long, dusty road through a field will take you seemingly nowhere until you drop into the canyon where Magpie Falls sits. The size of the falls is impressive and there’s a great viewing platform – but if you’re adventurous you can find a better view.

Wawa Falls

Meanwhile, just outside of the town of Wawa sits Wawa falls. These falls were only a few feet from the road, but from the top were somewhat boring, but after clambering down off the road and along the side of the falls they look much better from the bottom.

Black Beaver Falls

After exploring Wawa, the next day was a train journey into the Agawa Canyon where Black Beaver Falls sits. Water flow was abnormally low this year, so the falls were a little less impressive than normal, in fact Bridal Veil Falls on the other side of the river was almost non-existent. Maybe another time I’ll take the hike in to get a better look.

Agawa Canyon

Luckily there are other attractions in the Agawa Canyon, although I paid for this one. The train only gave us 75 minutes in the park before going back to Sault Ste. Marie and should you miss it the only way home is a sixteen mile hike out to the highway where you can hopefully hitch a ride. There are two primary attractions, each claiming to need 45 minutes walk to view. I managed to get in both – looking at the waterfalls first, then sprinting up 250 vertical feet to get to this lookout and back before the train left without me.

Aubrey Falls

Out in the middle of nowhere lies Aubrey Falls. The area was quite popular amongst the group of seven and the local tourism board had posted a number of painting reproductions next to their inspiration. Taking a look at these falls and the river they sit on I’ve never wanted more to pack up some camping and art gear and wander aimlessly up river for a few weeks.

Aubrey Falls Trees

On the way back to the Jeep from Aubrey Falls I was struck by this scene and how amazing these trees looked – I had to stop for a photo to remember them by.

Tractor at Sunrise

In September I made a trip up North and happened to run across this old tractor sitting in the field at sunrise. I’ve never spent much time on the farm, but I’ve always been fascinated by the hard work that built this country and love seeing the old equipment, particularly when it’s still in running shape or put to regular use.

New Post Falls

I’d been to New Post Falls before this, but this was the first time that there was a safety net to make finding the top of the falls possible. These falls are massive and the ground here was actually vibrating with the waters rush over the edge and the mist was so heavy that your clothes were soaked through in seconds.

Northern Lights

Oddly enough, in all my years of photography I’ve only once taken photos of the night sky and that was to capture a lunar eclipse. The night that I tried it I just happened to capture both a shooting star and the northern lights all in one go. Sometimes you just get lucky like that.

Bear Run

I had some time in Pennsylvania this year and got to explore this set of dozens of tiny little falls on Bear Run leading it’s way down to…


Fallingwater. Ever since I learned about the house I’ve wanted to go and take in Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater for myself and it’s every bit as impressive as it seems in books – assuming you’re a little bit of an architecture nerd like me. Of course, anytime you have a place as heavily photographed as this it’s hard to find a unique view of it, so if you think you’ve seen this before, that’s why.

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