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Comparing Dirt Drops

Thursday, March 14th, 2013

So I’ve been working on rebuilding my bike in anticipation of doing the Tour Divide next year and loved my Soma Junebug bars. Unfortunately, I put them on my landlord’s road bike to make it more comfortable for him leaving me without my choice bars. And on trying to order up a new set, I find there is no longer a Canadian distributor.

So thinking about my options of course I think to the Salsa Woodchipper bars, which I’m sure I can find here, but not sure they’ll be as comfortable. So I got looking for some photos online comparing the shapes of the two and had no luck. So why not create something?

I don’t attest this to be accurate, as I didn’t have the bars myself or technical drawings to work from, but I did find front and top views of the bars and redrew them for an overlay. Of course I can’t attest to how accurate each photographer was in taking my source photos for this, but it does give some general indications and maybe that will make things a little easier for anyone else trying to decide.

If you happen to have good quality photos of any of these bars or, even better, access to technical drawings, I would love to hear from you to update this graphic. In the mean time, I hope it helps someone.

EDIT: Turns out someone was visiting this on a tablet and the embed didn’t work correctly – if you can’t see the side and top views, go here.