Returning to Real Life

Saturday, October 15th, 2011 at 10:39 am

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The trip wrapped up a week ago – but it’s been a long week of trying to return to a normal reality here in the real world. Of course, had I won the lottery I would still be out on the road and more than a little wet and cold right now, but I’d be more than alright with that.

I found it rather odd while out there, but the routine of packing camp, riding all day, and setting camp again at night becomes very normal. Even despite how foreign it might sound from here. But by my second week on the road I really was having trouble understanding my old routines of work each morning and an endless string of meetings – that whole process somehow seemed unreal from the road.

But in subtle ways I’m finding I haven’t returned to quite the same life – and that’s a good thing. My first shock was shortly after the best shower I’d had in three weeks…it seems I lost a little weight while out there, none of my jeans fit any more. I’m used to having to buy pants a few sizes too large to fit my cyclist’s thighs (I think there’s a business in there for someone) but I’m also now too small for my belt it would seem. But that’s alright, just need to punch a few new holes in that, there are far worse things in life. But those who know me well are used to my unhealthy addiction to coke (the legal beverage) and though there was always a bottle of flat coke in my frame bag on the road for quick hits of sugar, I haven’t been able to touch the stuff since returning. Again, this is a very good thing.

But there’s something more just under the surface – there’s something different in my mindset and attitude on life. I’m not quite sure what, or how it might manifest, but something…

In the mean time, I’ve got a pile of photos to sort through and some typing to do because I think there’s a book to come out of all this. Stay tuned. But while you’re waiting, why not catch up on my reports from the road starting from the beginning.

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