Another Soggy Day

Tuesday, October 4th, 2011 at 10:39 am

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I got a late start yesterday as I was expecting a short, easy day on the bike to get into Meaford, only about 70km away. So after some time visiting with family before leaving Wiarton I headed out and decided to take the scenic tour out along Colpoy’s Bay then back down the shores of Owen Sound. Should be a great ride.

At least that was my thought until I started descending off the escarpment and saw some dense, soggy weather settled over the South end of the bay. I ended up riding right into it. Not a normal, wet storm like I’d seen the past few days, but almost a wall of moisture, a very heavy fog, and it too soon had me soaked through. So much for the forecasted dry, sunny week.

But on the final leg into Owen Sound I found what should be a great overlook for photos on a better day, and I think a little bit of my family history. This lookout was a historic site for the Keppel Woman’s Institute, the oldest active women’s institute in the world the plaque tells me. It also told of their founding secretary back in 1897 was Janet McGregor. So since this is where my family is from in those days, it made for a kind of interesting random find.

Made the last 30km of my voyage on a nice but unremarkable rolling backroad and into Meaford early in the evening and setup camp. Each fall my parents stay at a great little campground in Meaford run by the Kinsmen club and the township, and that’s where I am now, waiting for them to arrive. We’ll spend a couple days here before heading home.

So that brings an end to the solo portion of my trip. 1550km so far, but I don’t foresee adding much big mileage with my parents in tow.

Until next time…

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