Big City Design with Small Town Service

Pedachenko Media is my vision of what a small town design studio should be. Combining big city training and expertise in graphic design, web development, photography and printing with small town attitude and service to get results. Whatever your business needs, lean on Pedachenko to deliver.

Web Development

Brandon is one of the premiere web developers in Central Ontario able to leverage the latest technologies to deliver anything from a simple web presence, to blogging platform and social media outreach, to full blown custom coding tailored to your business needs. But you don't need technology, you need results. With Pedachenko you don't need to be a tech expert just to commission a web site, you just get a solution that works without paying for any extras that don't help you get results.

Design for Print

And when it's print you need, Pedachenko is first and foremost a design studio. Brandon holds in advanced diploma with honours in the field of graphic design, a rarity amongst those offering design services in central Ontario. What that means for you is that Pedachenko delivers real design solutions based on sound theory and proven processes that has been vetted by those in the know, not the generic work of someone who is 'good with photoshop.' And when it comes time to print, you're not tied to a single solution. Pedachenko Media works with a number of printing suppliers throughout the province to deliver the results that are right for you. You won't be limited to just what a firms in house equipment is capable of.

One Stop Solutions

But design doesn't work in isolation. For that reason you can also count on Pedachenko for photography services to give your product a face. We offer web hosting solutions that won't let you down. There's advice and assistance in leveraging software and services to help you get more done faster. Ongoing services to help you with search engine optimization and social media outreach. Copy writing so that your customer isn't left in a sea of confusion. Whatever your need, count on Pedachenko for a solution.

More than the Sum of it's Parts

Dealing with a small firm means that the person you talk to is the person who delivers. You don't get caught by the sales department over promising what the tech department can deliver. You have one point of contact to make everything smooth as can be. But it doesn't stop there. Thanks to several close working relationships with suppliers and experts throughout the province and around the world you always have access to the right solution at the right time. Don't think of Pedachenko as just another supplier; think of Pedachenko Media as a trusted partner in building your business. Hope to meet you soon.

About Me

Brandon McGregor, the man behind Pedachenko Media, is a graphic designer, web developer, and photographer calling Muskoka, Ontario home. Why not learn more or connect with the man with the strange identity.